Ox3 has been created for taste, colour, flavour and aroma with integrity. A sweet collaboration between roastery and barista, perfectly blended.

Ox3 is the new word for coffee

Chemical Symbol Coffee? For the geek – coffee or science, either way…. Ox3 signifies the 3, encompassing 3 of the world's coffee growing regions represented in each blend. For the chemistry geek, O is the chemical symbol for Oxygen with O3 representing the Ozone.

The Packaging

A stunning coffee requires designed packaging. This design is a simple, stylistic execution, embracing clear space with minimal content and differentiated from any other coffee product in the market; paying homage to it's name-sake-Oxygen, the air, ozone, universe. 
A world of coffee right there in a bag!

Bespoke Blending

Ox3 is created with the vision to perfect two different blends specifically suited to be consumed – one with and one without milk. Call or email us for products and Ox3 café accessories.

Like the air
we breathe,
good coffee
is the life force
of the urban